Newmont Goldcorp – Creating the World’s Leading Gold Company

April 18, 2019 marks day one of the world’s leading gold business – Newmont Goldcorp Corporation. To commemorate the successful conclusion of this transaction, we reflect on the proven operating model and shared values that are central to the integration process and remain paramount to Newmont Goldcorp’s ongoing success.

Our proven operating model and shared values set the stage for a successful integration process.

This video highlights our values, which remain unchanged in shaping the future of Newmont Goldcorp – the world’s leading gold business as measured by assets, prospects and people.

For complete details on the ways Newmont Goldcorp is expected to deliver industry leading value creation, see our press release, and head to for more on our operations, strategy and ongoing commitments.

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  1. That is a great merger for the two companies Newmont and Goldcorp to be Newmont Goldcorp to move gold business to its highest level of modernization to Twenty first century

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