Newmont Employees Championing Inclusion and Diversity in Ghana

This is the first of four posts in our Global Inclusion and Diversity Series.

Ernest Nomafo has developed a deep appreciation for workplace inclusion throughout his eight years with Newmont in Africa. “The company has built the perfect platform to inform, promote and engage employees to be champions,” says the Senior Regional Procurement Analyst at Akyem. “This has been instrumental in building team cohesion.”

Ernest Nomafo

Employees like Ernest are exemplifying Newmont’s global inclusion and diversity behaviors. Today, 21 voluntary BRGs promote cross-operational exchange, diversity of thought and employee engagement. In Ghana, for example, three Women and Allies Network Groups are active in Akyem, Ahafo and Accra.

Ernest credits his outgoing nature as “a thread that helps bring introverted and extroverted personalities together, so they can have an impact.”

Adelaide Addo Kuffour, a geologist at neighboring Ahafo, also sees the competitive advantage of inclusion. Newmont benefits from “great innovation” when all employees have “more and equal opportunities. This also facilitates better access to a wide range of talents.”

Adelaide Addo Kuffour

While Adelaide is the only woman on her team today, she is encouraging more women to join her – and change this trend in the mining industry. “By expressing passion for my job,” she says, “I hope to entice more women to join the industry – and drive productivity.”

In bringing diverse personalities and perspectives together, and by celebrating different points of view and life experiences, employees like Ernest and Adelaide further reinforce one of Newmont’s key strengths: genuine company-wide commitment to an inclusive workplace. And that means better performance.

Growing BRG participation, in Ghana and across Newmont’s operations, is helping teams leverage and benefit from individual skill-sets. It’s just one of the ways we are realizing the potential of tangible global inclusion and diversity at Newmont.

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  1. Newmont is the best company in Africa and have good n quality workers.Am also a graduate in HND building technology who have interest in working with this company.thanks

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