Environmental Stewardship: A Positive Legacy for Future Generations

Our annual sustainability report Beyond the Mine provides us the opportunity to transparently disclose how we are meeting our commitment to operate ethically, responsibly and sustainably.

Throughout the report, we provide updates on programs and progress against the metrics and standards we use to measure our performance and the public targets that drive continuous improvement. The report discusses the sustainability issues that matter most to stakeholders and our business across four categories – Ethics, Governance and Human Rights; Our People; Economic and Social Performance; and Environmental Stewardship.

We focus on minimizing and mitigating our impact on water, land, air quality, climate and biodiversity, and working with stakeholders on systemic solutions to complex environmental challenges.

In this video, we share a few Environmental Stewardship performance highlights from 2017. To see them all, visit our 2017 Beyond the Mine Sustainability Report.


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