Akyem Female Truck Operator: A Role Model for Women in Mining

We strive to create a global, diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can develop and are empowered. Promoting women in the mining industry is one of the ways we deliver on this strategy.

Felicity Brempomaa is a 785C haul truck operator at Newmont Ghana’s Akyem mine; she is a role model for women in mining. Like many of our female employees, Felicity has overcome great challenges to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

“At first, becoming a haul truck driver seemed impossible,” Felicity says. “But with determination and hard work, my dream has become reality.”

Before joining Newmont, Felicity worked as a caterer and was the sole caregiver to her young son, parents and five siblings. Longing for self-determination and a more fulfilling career, she resigned from her position and shifted her focus to Akyem, a staple of the local economy. “The presence of Newmont in our community represents hope for my family and myself, so I was determined to improve my life,” says Felicity.

Felicity was selected for Akyem’s “Learnership” program, an initiative that allows locals to acquire experiences in the mining industry. With the help of community leaders, participants embark on a six-month educational program about Akyem’s operations and value chain processes. Felicity thrived in the program and earned permanent employment as a haul truck operator, edging out 39 of her male counterparts.

To date, Akyem has trained nearly 40 locals through its “Learnership” program with the long-term goal of placing more women and nationals in leadership and management positions.

Felicity remains an important member of the Akyem team. She is a safety leader and role model to all employees. Felicity is hopeful that more women will follow her example and join the mine’s growing workforce. Through meaningful work and a commitment to skill development, Felicity knows that her fellow community members – female or male – can find personal fulfillment with Newmont.

“I want to continue working to be successful – so that my family and son are proud of me.”

Read more stories of success and self-determination by visiting our sustainability microsite, Beyond the Mine.


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