WAFOR partnership in Ghana boosts quality, capacity and safety

In an effort to create value and engage Ghana’s economy, we recently entered a national partnership with West African Forging Limited (WAFOR), a regional supplier of steel grinding balls essential to the production of gold. Through our collaboration, training and investment, we strive to be champions of local employment and business opportunities.

“By working with Newmont’s technical experts, we have improved the quality of our steel and overall capacity,” says Yaw Boadi, Technical and Marketing Director, WAFOR. “Newmont has provided the right assistance.”

Used to crush ore when extracting gold, grinding balls are critical materials for the mining industry. “We rely on WAFOR’s grinding balls to give us higher quality mill output through sustained and consistent performance,” says George Brakoh, Manager, Local Supplier and Contractor Development, Newmont Ghana. “With our help, WAFOR’s product has reached our mines’ specifications.”

While many large-scale mining companies import grinding balls from China, we see improving WAFOR’s capacity and standard of production as a means of both building competitive advantage and investing in the local community.

Promoting health and safety is another key component of our WAFOR partnership. With our guidance, the company has distributed literature to educate employees on injury prevention, and we have facilitated the hiring of a new health and safety officer dedicated to improving occupational wellbeing and workplace housekeeping.

WAFOR is now the main supplier of grinding balls used by our Ghana operations and business has never been better. The company recently acquired its third forging unit in the region and increased its production capacity from 35,000 to 45,000 tonnes per year. WAFOR is currently looking at installing a fourth forging unit to take its nameplate to 60,000 per year.

Yaw believes the mining industry is taking notice. “Once other mines see the improvement of our product and service, they will start contracting us,” he says.

As a testament to our strong relationship with WAFOR, Newmont Ghana was awarded the Leader in Local Content Development and Support at the fifth Association of Ghana Industries Awards.

To learn more about our commitment to long-term socio-economic development in our host communities, visit our Sustainability Report, Beyond the Mine.


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