Marleni Vásquez Vargas

Many of the people living in Newmont’s host communities exhibit strong entrepreneurial skills but often lack the finances needed to kick-start a viable business. That’s why we partner with established foundations and other organizations that work to help local entrepreneurs and business people secure the funding they need to launch and grow business ventures that in turn employ local residents.

As part of an ongoing series, Our Voice blog will profile individuals who have earned the support of Yanacocha’s partner organizations. These local residents have achieved self-empowerment that will help foster long-term socio-economic development in the Cajamarca region of Peru.

Meet Marleni Vasquez Vargas. Marleni is a 29-year-old mother of four living in the town of Celendin. Though Marleni never had the opportunity to finish primary school, she always had the desire and drive to run her own business in order to support her family – she just needed a little help getting started.

Luckily, Marleni enrolled in Yanacocha’s Enterprising Youths program. Focused on the districts of Celendin and Huasmin, the program helps young people develop business plans and secure the starting capital needed to turn their ideas into viable business ventures. To date, more than 220 youth have tapped into the program to launch their businesses.

With her successful legume and wheat business, Marleni has found personal and financial fulfilment through her business. “I had no home; I had nowhere to be,” Marleni says. “And now thanks to the entrepreneurship program, I expanded my business and have a place to live.” Watch this video to hear Marleni’s story in her own words.

To learn more about Newmont’s efforts supporting community investment and economic development in the regions where we operate, please visit our annual sustainability report Beyond the Mine, and be sure to stay tuned to Our Voice to meet more beneficiaries of Yanacocha’s sustainable development programs.


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