Promoting Integrity and Ethics on the Ground

Our values of safety, integrity, sustainability, inclusion and responsibility come to life through the actions of everyone who works on our behalf. Integrity – behaving ethically and respecting each other and the customs, cultures and laws wherever we operate – is at the core of our business.

Any misconduct or unethical behavior by Newmont personnel or by contractors working on our behalf threatens our reputation, license to operate and ability to grow. In 2016, we expanded our teams in Ghana, Suriname and Peru to include dedicated ethics and compliance managers on the ground to encourage ethical behavior, participate in the review of certain transactions like community donations, and help the business prevent potential misconduct before it occurs.

In all of these areas, our compliance managers have participated in training on our Code of Conduct and our expectations with local vendors, and they’ve been effective at answering questions about potential contractor relationships or other decisions at the time those questions come up. In doing so, they’ve helped steer the business in the right direction and helped avoid potential missteps. In Peru and Ghana, our local compliance managers have also been active in ongoing community conversations at the local and national level about how to promote ethics in the business environment.

To be true to our commitments, it is vital that we work hard to establish and maintain our reputation for integrity. We have committed additional resources to provide guidance when questions emerge. Beyond these new roles, we know that we will best demonstrate integrity as a company when every one of our employees and contractors, at whatever their level, feels accountable for doing so themselves. These new resources are committed to supporting all of those engaged on Newmont’s behalf in living our value of integrity. It is with integrity, together with strong commitments to safety, sustainability, inclusion and responsibility, that we can achieve our purpose of creating value and improving lives.


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