Hermila Bada de Chávez

Hermila Bada de Chávez and Yanacocha’s Water for Cajamarca

Transparently engaging with host communities is crucial to Newmont’s ability to have a positive, long-term impact on the quality of life of nearby communities. Partnering with local residents to invest in community infrastructure, education, health care, training and capacity building is an important catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development.

As part of an ongoing series, we will introduce you to the citizens of Peru who have benefited from our many Yanacocha-sponsored community investment programs.

Meet Hermila Bada de Chávez. For years, accessing clean water used to be a monumental task for Hermila and her family. Every day, early in the morning, Hermila and her husband would have to carry more than 18 litres of water across Mollepampa’s la Paccha sector just to complete daily household chores. But thanks to the Water for Cajamarca program, that’s all changed.

Born from a strategic alliance between Yanacocha, the Peruvian government and local non-profits, Water for Cajamarca supplies clean water to remote locations via infrastructure investments. With the construction of treatment plants, storage facilities and more than 20 kilometres of piping, water availability in Cajamarca increased by 24 percent in 2015.

The program has made all the difference for Hermila and her family, with several more improvements expected for Cajamarca in the coming years. Watch this video to hear Hermila’s story in her own words.

To learn more about Newmont’s community investments around the globe, please visit our annual sustainability report Beyond the Mine, and be sure to stay tuned to Our Voice blog to meet more beneficiaries of Yanacocha’s sustainable development programs.


  1. Thanks Yanacocha to have a win-win and respectful relationships with the sorrounding community.

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