Taking Safety Beyond the Mine – the Akyem Community Experience

Working with mobile equipment, heavy machinery, explosives and electrical systems are some of the more significant hazards associated with mining activities. Safety is a core value at Newmont, and we expect everyone who works on the company’s behalf to take responsibility for their safety and for the safety of those around them both at work and at home.

Akyem mine judged best safe mine in Ghana

At our Akyem mine in Ghana, we are proud of the mine’s safety performance, which has received recognition from the country’s main regulatory body for the mining industry.

In both 2014 and 2015, the Ghana Minerals Commission, along with the Ghana Chamber of Mines, awarded Akyem with the “Best Safe Mine” honor for its exemplary safety initiatives that keep employees and host communities safe.

Encouraging safe behaviors in the community

The Akyem team earned this recognition in part due to workers demonstrating our core value of safety by serving as safety ambassadors in their communities and encouraging their family members and neighbors to make more safe choices as they go about their normal activities.

A number of mining communities in Ghana, including Akyem, also have formed community safety teams to help train the communities in emergency response, fire fighting and first aid. Each year, teams from the mining companies and the communities compete in the Minerals Commission and Chamber of Mines’ inter-mine Safety and First Aid competitions.

The objective of these events is to showcase the mining industry’s understanding and preparedness to mitigate health and safety impacts in the mines and their host communities.

At this year’s zone 1 event – which included teams from five mines – the Akyem community safety team won the Practical First Aid and Safety Test category, while the Akyem mine team placed second.

During the competition, the community team improvised with the material they had on hand to demonstrate the skill, knowledge and situational awareness needed to save lives. As winners of the zone competition, the community team has earned a place to represent the Akyem mine in the national event to be held this month.

This year’s competition theme was: “Safety! Our Way of Life”

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  1. Awesome! This blog is really nice and also informative about safety.

    • We are glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for continued updates on our safety journey!

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