Supporting Disadvantaged Women in Australia

As part of our commitment to promoting and supporting local economic development in host communities, Newmont is proud to sponsor an initiative in Western Australia called The Big Issue’s Women’s Subscription Enterprise.

The Big Issue is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and creating job opportunities for homeless, marginalized and disadvantaged Australians. It operates a number of social enterprises including the publication of a by-weekly magazine called The Big Issue.

Since its inception in Australia in 1996, more than 10 million copies of The Big Issue magazine have been sold, putting $23 million into the pockets of homeless, marginalized and disadvantaged Australians.

One way the magazines are sold is through street vendors, who are homeless or otherwise marginalized and also predominantly male. Because many women – especially those who are victims of domestic violence – do not feel safe selling magazines on the streets, The Big Issue established an initiative to provide women a comfortable, safe and supportive work environment.

Through the Women’s Subscription Enterprise, homeless, marginalized and disadvantaged women pack The Big Issue magazine for distribution to subscribers every two weeks. This initiative not only gives them an income, but it also helps them gain new skills and career pathways for the future.

“This is a great example of how, through our inclusion and diversity strategy, we can build community partnerships that demonstrate how Newmont values diversity,” said Ken Ramsey, Group Executive, Sustainability and External Relations for Newmont’s Asia Pacific region.

For every 100 subscriptions to the magazine, one woman can be employed through the Women’s Subscription Enterprise. Newmont has joined in the effort by taking out 100 subscriptions to the magazine for the next three years. These magazines will be distributed to Newmont’s sites and offices throughout Australia.

To learn more about our inclusion and diversity strategy, visit our 2015 Beyond the Mine Sustainability Report.


(Newmont’s Jenny Fisher and Linda Higgie from TBI at the Women in Mining event)


(Keli and Jai from the Women’s Subscription Enterprise in Sydney)

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