Newmont Board Members and Employees Discuss Inclusion and Diversity

Recently, two Newmont board members, Ms. Noreen Doyle and Mr. Bruce R. Brook, joined employees at our headquarters in Denver to share their rich experiences working in various industries in diverse parts of the world.

Mr. Brook, who was born during the apartheid era in South Africa and has spent parts of his working life in the United Kingdom and Australia, and Ms. Doyle, who has vast experience working in the U.S. and various parts of Europe, spoke about:

  • How women can improve their competencies and reach their full career potential;
  • How male employees also need to make changes to help create a more conducive working environment for their female colleagues;
  • The need to listen and understand not only the language, but also the context of communication, in a workplace populated by multiple cultures and nationalities; and
  • The need to be aware of, and control, unconscious biases associated with cultural and individual exposures and backgrounds.

Approximately 150 employees, including members of the executive leadership team, attended the event, which was jointly organized by the Diversitas and Women & Allies Business Resource Groups (BRGs).

Newmont’s Women and Allies BRG aims to enhance the representation and contributions of women through professional development and build a more inclusive workplace culture. The Denver-based Women and Allies BRG has over 100 members, with similar groups also in Peru, Ghana and Australia.

As the name suggests, the Diversitas BRG was set up to recognize Newmont’s rich multicultural work environment while highlighting the strong potential for collaboration between the people who make up its global workforce. Its strategic focus includes cultural assimilation into the US (Denver), community and/or industry partners, and cultural education and awareness.


Overall, global inclusion and diversity are strategic business priorities for Newmont aimed at improving employee engagement, providing access to a broader pool of talent and driving business performance. The BRGs are an integral part of Newmont’s global inclusion and diversity strategy. Other goals of the strategy include increasing representation of women, nationals and other diverse people across the organization, while establishing community partnerships that ultimately enhance business performance.

To find out more about Newmont’s ongoing efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, go Beyond the Mine.


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