Challenging the Status Quo: The Story of Elizabeth Amofa

Elizabeth Amofa, an employee of Newmont Ghana’s Akyem mine, grew up in the mining community of Obuasi. Much like many other mining communities, Obuasi’s workforce is predominantly male.

Elizabeth developed a passion for welding early on and decided that she would succeed at it regardless of the common perceptions about women in trades. “I told myself that I wanted to be different; I wanted to succeed in a male-dominated trade,” she said.

Motivated by her ambition, Elizabeth got the opportunity to work at a local construction company as a welder. Seven years later, she was recruited as a full-time welder on the Mine Maintenance Unit of Newmont Ghana’s Akyem mine.

Since that time, Elizabeth has risen to become the lead hand in the welding section of the Mine Maintenance Workshop. She also regularly operates equipment such as light vehicles, tele-handlers, forklifts and overhead cranes.

Supported by Newmont’s global inclusion and diversity strategy, Elizabeth is confident in her ability to achieve her career goals. For her, the goal is to become a welding supervisor in the near future, and she believes that the workplace environment at Newmont provides her with an equal chance to reach her full potential. “The Company’s inclusion and diversity strategy creates an enabling environment where everyone is accepted and is part of the Newmont family.”

As part of the strategy, Newmont Ghana founded the Women and Allies (W&A) Business Resource Group to enhance the representation and contributions of women through professional development and to build a more inclusive workplace culture. The group recently helped establish two rooms for breastfeeding mothers at the Ahafo mine.

Learn more about our global efforts to create an inclusive and diverse workplace in our 2015 Beyond the Mine sustainability report.

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  1. Truly challenging the status quo, I lived in Ahafo Kenyasi for the past 5 years, even though I never had the chance to work at Newmont I bear witness to how peoples life have been positively changed.

    • Thanks for sharing Bernard. We always appreciate hearing from members of our host communities.

  2. I am excited reading this. Lizzy am proud of you. Thanks Newmont for giving us the opportunity and celebrating our women.

    • Creating a workforce that truly reflects the communities where we operate is part of our strategy. Thanks for the feedback Esther!

  3. Elizabeth you are a champ thank you for inspiring me

  4. Nice one! The little experience I had with Lizzy during my internship was great. Proud of ya!

  5. Am soo proud of u mama lizzy. We are in de same department as welders. I really like her effort and her contribution all the time. I love that keep keep on for the good works your dream will surely come through.

  6. I feel very good when i heard someone’s effort has been realized…Newmont is a very good company and has respect for humans..And should keep up the good work.

  7. This is what everyone else should think about doing you shouldn’t give up in life no matter what your conditions are you will make it

  8. Lizy is the most experienced female welder I have ever known, I worked with her for some months at Newmont mine maintenance-ahafo. she is indeed a great worker.

  9. Wow! I’m really touched by Lizzy’s story. This is what we need to tell our growing-up female kids. They should not leave any type of work to only males, With dedication and perseverance, they can also equally achieve their aim at male dominated field of work.

    Lizzy, thumbs up!

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback. We agree! Elizabeth is a valuable part of our team.

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