Building Partnerships to Protect Ecosystems and Support Biodiversity

As part of our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, Newmont plays an active and leading role in the Cross-Sector Biodiversity Initiative (CSBI) – a partnership between the mining, oil and gas and banking sectors to develop and share best practices in biodiversity and ecosystem protection. In fact, Scott Miller, Newmont’s Group Executive for Environment, was voted Chair of the CSBI in 2016.

Scott began his career in mining as an exploration geologist and built on his knowledge of earth sciences to help protect the environment. For 22 years, Scott worked as an environmental consultant, supporting the mining industry on permitting new projects, environmental compliance, and closure and reclamation.

Over the years, Scott has helped the mining industry advance its approach to biodiversity, thanks in part to group initiatives like CSBI.


“For decades the mining industry has collected baseline data for use in designing and operating mines to minimize footprints, avoid critical habitats and restore land forms,” said Miller. “Now the focus has expanded outside our fence lines to ecosystems and landscape scale characterization, planning and management. Collaboration with NGOs and on-the-ground partnerships have been effective in delivering conservation improvements.”

As CSBI’s Chair, Scott will work closely with the Steering Committee to develop a three-year strategic plan for the initiative and will also provide continued support for member companies in implementing best practice approaches to biodiversity programs.

In addition to providing its members access to a network of global biodiversity experts, NGOs, government organizations and consultants, the CSBI is an excellent resource for guidance documents and tools that, as Scott notes, “cut through the technical clutter and provide meaningful information for operations.”

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