Newmont Nevada Employees Participate in Interactive Safety Sessions

In January and February of this year, roughly 2,400 of Newmont’s employees attended the Health and Safety department’s Annual Refresher Training (ART) in Elko, Nevada.

Attendees were put into teams to participate in eight different sessions that meet U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration standards. In addition to these requirements, Newmont expands upon this basic training to take employees beyond required lessons to include more detailed applications. Instead of just lecturing employees on safety precautions, Newmont guides the training with interactive classes and hands-on safety instruction. All employees are required to take the course, regardless of the title or position, putting the focus of safety on everyone’s work plan.


The classes are an hour and 20 minutes in length and employees must attend five classes. In the classes, candid conversations occur based on prior successes and injuries. These frank conversations help to improve the workers outlook on preparedness and their safety processes.

For example, strains and sprains are often forms of common injuries, however, those instances have decreased due to increased ergonomic conversations and methods put in place around prevention, including a recently initiated stretching program that occurs at Leeville before each shift.


Marianne McKown of the Elko Daily Free Press did a story about this year’s ART titled, “Extinguishing Danger: Newmont’s Annual Refresher Training Reminds Employees of Safety Procedures.” In the article, Marianne interviewed Newmont employees who participated in the sessions and discussed its contribution to their safety planning.

Take a look at her article to hear firsthand from Newmont employees how they personally contribute to Newmont’s safety focus. To find out more about Newmont’s ongoing work towards achieving a culture of zero harm, visit


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