Newmont Business Resource Group Supports Holiday Drive for U.S. Troops Overseas

A newly developed program for Newmont’s employees who currently serve or have served in the U.S. military is helping boost the success of an annual holiday drive for those deployed overseas.

Newmont Nevada rolled out the Newmont military business resource group (BRG) to focus on attracting and retaining military members, recognizing employees with military experience, supporting employees or family members currently serving, mentoring Newmont’s military members and helping promote Newmont as an employer that welcomes those in the armed services.

The Carlin mine’s military BRG site representative and mine engineer Nick Schwind, along with Carlin general foremen Todd Fowers, John Bailey and Jim Young, proposed a competition for their crews to help gain more support for the Holiday Drive for the Troops. Crews raising more than 50 pounds of supplies for the drive would receive donuts for their morning lineout meeting, personally purchased by their general foreman. “We hoped we could raise close to 500 pounds total among all three Carlin surface operations (South Area, North Area and Emigrant) since that was the total amount Newmont sent to the troops last year,” says Bailey.

At the conclusion of the drive, 940 pounds of food, books and other treats for troops stationed overseas during the holidays were collected from the Carlin Surface Operations department! The total came as a welcome surprise to Bailey, who responded, “I’ll proudly buy the donuts for our crews. It’s personal to me, because my son was in the Marine Corps, and a few of his friends who grew up around my home – I call them “my boys” – also served overseas and work here at Newmont. It’s the least we can do for our troops, sending them treats during the holidays when they are away from home.”

A total of 89 boxes of donations, collectively weighing approximately 1,600 pounds, were gathered from across Newmont’s Nevada operations. Thanks to all our Newmont employees who supported the Holiday Drive for the Troops this year. Your kindness, generosity and commitment to our values are appreciated!blog2_img1_1214



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