Newmont Warehouse Achieves One Year of Zero Harm

Employees at our Elko warehouse in northern Nevada recently celebrated their first annual safety milestone since becoming part of Newmont’s North America region. On November 17, 2015, the warehouse’s team of 48 technicians and 14 administration and management employees completed a full year with zero harm, meaning no reportable injuries.

When Newmont assumed operation of the warehouse from contractor Neovia Logistics in 2014, warehouse management, along with Health and Safety representative Jon Upshaw, introduced warehouse employees to Newmont’s Safety Journey and explained our vision of zero harm throughout the organization. Soon afterward, the team implemented their own Vital Behaviors and Safety Interactions programs, which have been hugely successful in encouraging employees to hold themselves and each other accountable for working safely. In 2016, the team at the warehouse will continue to build on the Vital Behaviors program to achieve another full year of zero harm.

“Employee engagement and visible, felt leadership contributed the most to the group’s recent safety milestone,” said Elko Warehouse Manager Bilbo Bessert. “The team feels comfortable bringing safety concerns to the forefront, and they know the management team will act to correct any and all safety-related issues in a timely matter.”

Congratulations and thanks to the Elko warehouse team for their hard work and dedication to safety in achieving this important milestone.



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