Newmont’s Approach to Engaging with Local Stakeholders

As one of the world’s leading gold producers, Newmont has operations and projects on five continents around the globe. Around each site live Newmont stakeholders: the people or groups who are affected by, interested in and/or influential for our business.

The continued success of Newmont’s global business depends on our ability to constructively engage with and understand our local stakeholders – their history, culture, aspirations and concerns. We seek to achieve this through meaningful interaction and dialogue, forming the foundation for mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

For example, the relationships we have built with local stakeholders in Ghana are structured around comprehensive agreements, such as the one establishing the Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation to foster shared value, transparency and trust.

In 2014, Newmont hosted an international delegation of faith-based leaders and members of the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition at our Ahafo operation in Ghana, and then in 2015, at Yanacocha in Peru. The participants not only learned about mining and our operations, but they also spoke with local stakeholders and shared their feedback with us.

In Suriname, the Letter of Intent we signed with the local Pamaka community provides a road map to continuing to build our relationship, while in Nevada we have embarked on a proactive approach with stakeholders to collaboratively manage water in Humboldt County.

In Australia, we have agreements with local aboriginal groups, and have implemented a cross-cultural awareness training program across our sites to build understanding of aboriginal history and culture.

Building strong relationships and mutual understanding with our stakeholders is work that never ends. Our Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement Policy establishes our commitment to communicate transparently with stakeholders, and to respect all cultures. We believe that through effective engagement with local stakeholders, we can create shared value.

For more on Newmont’s engagement efforts, visit our Beyond the Mine site and follow Newmont on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on our ongoing approach to engaging with stakeholders in our host communities and around the world.


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