The Role of Surgold’s Supply Chain Department at Merian

From pens to diesel generators and from safety glasses to the large haul trucks that will take the gold ore to the mill, everything that is used at Surgold has to be sourced through the Supply Chain team.


“The last few months were dominated by the arrival of large machines such as diesel generators, haul trucks and parts of the SAG and ball mills,” says Ravi Samaroo, Manager of the Supply Chain team at Merian. “To transport those big machines to site is obviously quite a large and complex logistical operation. Such efforts require detailed planning to bring these items from their manufacturers by ship in Moengo, whether in the U.S. or Europe. With this entire project many, many people are involved,” Ravi explains.

But even with the purchase of smaller products, sourcing materials that are needed for a remote location like Merian is much more complex than you might think. Surgold and Newmont’s policies include an agreement to purchase as many products and services as possible in Suriname. “We pay special attention to this. If price, quality and quantities are comparable, we use Surinamese products and services. We also try to encourage Surinamese companies to produce and deliver for us,” said Ravi.


Apart from the requirement to purchase as many products and services as possible locally, Surgold has also made special arrangements with the Pamaka community, the people who live in the Merian area. “On this we work closely with the colleagues from Community Relations. As an example, some contractors do not have a bank account, so together we looked for other solutions for those contractors. Also currently we are working to increase the quantity of fruit and vegetables we buy from the villages – our preference is to buy directly from the producer,” Ravi added

In December, Merian’s Supply Chain group has a number of special projects in the pipeline. One is building the inventory of spare parts that will soon be required for all machines in the process plant as Surgold starts gold production in 2016.

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