Newmont Mine Manager Receives Award for Leadership in Safety

Newmont’s Twin Creeks Mine General Manager, Mark Evatz, was recently named Mine Manager of the Year at the 11th Annual Mine Safety and Health Conference in late October. In his role as general manager, Mark has been influential in further advancing the safety culture, not only at Twin Creeks but also within the nearby community of Winnemucca and Humboldt County in Nevada.

Mark’s philosophy is that a safe work area starts with good housekeeping. The clean and orderly appearance is obvious to anyone who visits the Twin Creek mine site, which has been operating for nearly 30 years. Mark also has been a champion for fresh and inspirational safety signage across any sites he has managed over the years. Bright, eye-catching signs at Twin Creeks display thought-provoking safety reminders and motivational messages for employees and contract partners.

Over the last five years, Twin Creeks has demonstrated dramatic improvements in its Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate, reducing the number of accidents to 0.36 (year to date) for every 200,000 person hours worked in 2015 from 0.60 for every 200,000 person hours worked in 2011.

There is never a question when it comes to Mark’s stance on safe production – the safety of every individual who passes through the gate at Twin Creeks is the top priority of the operation.

Mark credits his great team at Twin Creeks for the site’s success, and he continually expresses his appreciation for their hard work and dedication to safety and to creating a culture of zero harm.



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