Newmont Hosts Contractors and Employees at Safety Summit

Last month, Newmont employees and contractors dedicated a full day of their time discussing safety and injury prevention at the company’s Safety Summit in Elko, Nevada. The event was coordinated by Newmont’s Health and Safety department, as part of Newmont’s focus creating a culture of zero harm.

Around 150 attendees spent the day engaging in group presentations and hands-on safety activities that focused on themes such as Newmont’s Safety Journey, Vital Behaviors, contractor success stories, safety leadership coaching, the Employee Safety Program (ESP) and Talking Safety.

Newmont’s General Manager of Nevada Underground Operations, Nick Mosenthal, characterized the day by saying, “A common theme was leadership and the impacts that we all can have in making our work areas safer. Newmont’s Vital Behaviors Opinion Leaders likewise gave excellent interactive sessions to take us through the Safety Journey and the Vital Behaviors program, which have been so successful in helping us reduce injuries.”

In one of the hands-on safety activities, Newmont contractor Boart Longyear brought in two drill rigs for a “real-life” demonstration of their “Hazard Hunt” risk assessment procedure, which helps to ensure all hazards are identified, addressed and mitigated before a job is started. “Our employees don’t just volunteer for Newmont jobs; they actually work for them and fight for them, because they like to work with Newmont,” said Boart Longyear representative Tim Pruitt.

Many presenters related their personal safety focus to their desire and duty to come home safely to their families every day. Attendees unanimously expressed a deep appreciation for how the mining industry’s safety culture has evolved over the last 10 years and how vastly improved safety practices are today.

“The sharp reduction in business partner injuries – from 36 in 2011 to seven this year – is a testament to the dedication and commitment of all to safety. It is a great step in our journey to zero harm,” said Mosenthal.

To learn more about Newmont’s commitment to safety, visit our website.



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