We Are Family: KCGM Vital Behaviors Family Day

The 2015 Vital Behaviors Family Day was a bustle of activity, with more than 700 people taking part in what proved to be a fantastic event.

Held on Saturday, October 24 at KCGM’s Super Pit Lookout, all KCGM employees, permanent contractors and their families were invited. The event was an opportunity to showcase KCGM to their families with plenty of hands-on activities and bus tours of the site running throughout the day. In addition to these activities, there was also face painting, refreshments, a photo booth and a Hannans North Tourist Mine booth.

KCGM’s Vital Behaviors leaders worked with the Community Relations Team to bring together the elements for the day. Activities were created to represent each of KCGM’s departments, ranging from making plantable paper pots with native seedlings and flora and fauna identification from the ESR Team, to operating a working model of the Fimiston Mill with a process flow chart from the Processing Team.

The gold panning was a big hit at the event, with around 1,500 gold pet rocks given out as prizes when young prospectors found a “gold nugget.” The Drill and Blast Team were also kept busy, getting through 800 meters of con line (plastic coated nonelectric shock tube that is used to initiate blasts) which they rigged up to a remote firing device to allow people to push the button on a faux detonation demonstration.

The Underground Experience made its debut at Family Day, with a video shot in Mt. Charlotte Underground Mine playing in a specially rigged sea container. This will now find a home at Hannans North Tourist Mine where it will be further developed to help recreate the underground atmosphere for visitors.

The hand-painted truck, which starred in the 2012 St. Barbara’s Parade, made a beautiful backdrop to the drill rig, water cart, and PC8000 face shovel that were taken up to the lookout for the day. The vast size of the equipment was a spectacle for the children, who were able to sit in the seat of the drill rig and take photos in front of the trucks and shovel.

For those wanting to get creative, there was a mining themed art activities and a giant KCGM Vital Behaviors banner that visitors could help decorate. The new banner will be proudly displayed on site to remind everyone of the reasons we aim to go home safe every day.

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