An Update on the Development of Long Canyon in Nevada

Things are beginning to take shape at our Long Canyon mine site in Nevada:

  • Crews are busy moving dirt and collecting clay for the leach pad area;
  • The foundation has been poured for the truck shop;
  • Temporary modular buildings are now in place to house on-site administrative and project staff; and
  • Security is fully in place to safely regulate traffic into and out of the site.

As the project team builds its mobile equipment fleet, the Long Canyon operations team continues working to identify additional ways to responsibly improve costs associated with the mining fleet. The fleet is expected to be ready to start mining in January 2016, with commercial production slated to begin during the first half of 2017.

One of the ways we are improving costs is by acquiring and refurbishing existing equipment from other Newmont Nevada operations – six CAT 793 trucks and a Cat 994 loader from Carlin; and six CAT 793 trucks from Twin Creeks. By doing so, Long Canyon is avoiding costs associated with acquiring all brand new equipment. In addition, more savings are being realized through the acquisition of other used equipment from outside Newmont, with two CAT graders and two CAT rubber-tire dozers having been purchased, along with several opportunities to purchase smaller, auxiliary equipment.

With only a few months to go before first mining is scheduled to begin, we congratulate the Long Canyon team for their ongoing efforts to safely and responsibly maximize value and efficiency throughout the project.

To learn more about Long Canyon project, please visit our website.

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