PTNNT Rolls Out Scholarship Programs for 2015/2016

This week PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PTNNT) officially rolled out scholarship programs for the 2015/2016 academic year. These programs aim to help students with outstanding academic performance from the area around the Batu Hijau mine in West Sumbawa regency, and NTB province.


The four types of scholarships that PTNNT offers are:

  • The Silver Scholarship, offered to Junior High School (SLTP), Senior High School (SLTA) and University students from the Province of NTB.
  • The Gold Scholarship, offered to the highest performing Senior High School (SLTA) graduates in the Regency of Sumbawa, who plan to continue their education at a university in the same academic year. This can be in any prioritized special or accredited study program in Indonesia. The Gold Scholarship is offered for a period of five years and covers the tuition fees at the university in which the scholarship recipient is enrolled, as well as some additional educational expenses as needed.
  • The Platinum Scholarship is offered to university students from NTB, Sumbawa in particular, who are pursuing a postgraduate study or doing a masters or doctoral degree research project in any accredited academic program in Indonesia. The aim of this scholarship is to support the students in completing their research.
  • The Bulaeng Scholarship is a development of the existing Gold Scholarship. The target recipients are graduates of the Senior High School (SMA), Vocational High School (SMK), Islamic High School (MA) or equivalent, who have excellent academic achievements and have proven that they are actively committed to developing the regions in which they live. These scholarship recipients can study at any accredited university in Indonesia with their educational expenses paid.

From its launch in 1998, PTNNT has awarded scholarships to more than 11,000 school and university students of NTB origin who study at schools and universities throughout Indonesia.

“The number of scholarship recipients for the 2013/2014 academic year was 528, comprising 302 recipients of Silver scholarships, six recipients of Bulaeng scholarships, and 220 recipients of Gold, Platinum, and achievement improvement scholarships,” said General Manager Social Responsibility Rachmat Makkasau.

“Like previous scholarship programs, we will award four scholarship programs, including Bulaeng, Gold, Silver and Platinum.” The programs targeted have 535 recipients for this academic year and will be awarded to junior, middle and university students.

In addition to the four scholarship programs, the company launched an Achievement Assistance program for students from disadvantaged families. “The program is intended specifically for the locals around the Batu Hijau mine in our effort to improve the local people’s education quality,” added Rachmat.

Announcement of scholarship recipients will made in August and September of this year. 


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