Peru Water Infrastructure Investments Improve Availability and Sanitation

Newmont’s global water strategy was developed to address our operational uses while supporting the needs of neighboring communities for safe and plentiful water.

Residents of Yerba Buena Chica, along with Yanacocha workers, at ribbon cutting for new potable water system.

In Peru, for example, our joint venture Minera Yanacocha recently invested in a number of projects aimed at optimizing water management and supply in the nearby village of Yerba Buena Chica. As a result of these improvements, 157 families now have more reliable access to potable water, as well as indoor toilets. By upgrading the capacity and technology of Yerba Buena Chica’s water infrastructure, the community is also benefiting from improved sanitation, which helps reduce the spread of disease.

The Yerba Buena Chica project is just one of the many ways Yanacocha is demonstrating its commitment to community development through improved water management. In 2013, Yanacocha partnered with Cajamarca’s municipal water authority to improve water availability to nearly 180,000 people. These and other long-term, infrastructure investments will help support development in the region through sustainable and responsible mining.

Inauguration of Yerba Buena Chica’s new potable water system.

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