West Sumbawa’s Economy Thrives Once Again

The resumption of operations at PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara’s (PTNNT) Batu Hijau mine has helped to restore West Sumbawa’s economy and benefit small businesses and their local employees.

Batu-Hijau-Newmont-NPR_9516-Pasar-MalukProduce vendor near Batu Hijau mine.

Alan Ramlan, a small business owner near the mine, described the impact of Batu Hijau’s idled operations last year. “Our income dropped significantly. I could only manage to sell one item a day compared to 10,” said Ramlan.

Since Batu Hijau’s operations resumed in September and employees returned to work, local businesses have begun to thrive, once again. Anwar Hadi, a small kiosk owner in a sub-district near the mine, is enjoying an uptick in business. During the mine’s shutdown, his average daily income dropped from Rp. 7 million (approximately US$560) to Rp. 500,000 (approximately US$40).

Nurmi, a vendor at Benete Station, relies on the money she makes selling snacks to mine workers to support herself and her family. Since operations resumed, she’s gone from making as little as Rp. 20,000 (approximately US$1.60) a day to Rp. 1.5 million (approximately US$120). “I want the mine to continue operating so that can I send my children to good schools,” Nurmi said.

Batu-Hijau-local-food-kiosk-NewmontMine employees buy their lunches from local food merchant.

For the more than 7,000 employees and contractors at Batu Hijau and their families, the resumption of operations marked an important milestone in restoring their livelihoods, as well as supporting the economy of the Sumbawa Barat region.

For more information about Newmont’s contributions to local economic and social development, please visit Beyond the Mine.


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