Supplier Performance Fundamental to Newmont’s Success

Newmont’s 2014 Global Supplier of the Year Awards.

Newmont’s global network of more than 15,000 suppliers plays a critical role in supporting our strategy to continuously improve our safety performance, technical fundamentals and cost profile.

Each year we recognize suppliers who differentiate themselves through the cost, quality and reliability of their goods and services; and through outstanding safety, economic, social and environmental performance.

In October, Newmont recognized four companies as our 2014 Suppliers of the Year – Liebherr in Africa; Toll in Australia; Mill Direct Services in North America; and Exsa S.A. in South America.

In the accompanying video, Newmont executives and award recipients discuss the importance of our supplier partnerships in delivering high-performance business results aligned with our purpose, mission, vision and values.

For more information about Newmont’s commitment to a responsible global supplier network and supply chain stewardship, please visit our annual sustainability report, Beyond the Mine.


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