Creating Shared Value in Mining

Done right, mining and natural resource development can be catalysts for economic and social progress in developing countries, as well as poor and subsistence communities.

In a study released in October, the Shared Value Initiative identifies pathways for the oil, gas and mining industries to deliver positive social outcomes by tying business success to the prosperity of host communities and countries.

Ahafo 2014 apprenticeship program graduates and continuing students.

While the downstream products and services of these industries create tremendous benefits for society in the form of energy and minerals, the report focuses on the communities where the minerals come from and establishes a framework for identifying ways to address societal issues and deliver real business value.

The report highlights a number of best practices from across these industries, including Newmont’s worker apprenticeship programs in Ghana. These programs at our Ahafo and Akyem mines deliver business value by creating a local workforce that can fill jobs that require high technical skills, such as electricians, mechanics, mine maintenance and operations technicians, and welders.

All graduates of the program are offered employment in a variety of roles including control room operators, process operators, tradesmen, welding and maintenance. Since the program began in 2005, virtually all of the graduates have been employed by the company.

To learn more, please visit our 2013 sustainability report, Beyond the Mine.


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