Newmont’s Sustainability Performance – Did You Know?

Batu Hijau TIFF DAM horizontal 2005 Indonesia people 300 dpi, DAM LAUNCHExamining core samples at Batu Hijau in Indonesia.

Today, Newmont published its annual sustainability report, Beyond the Mine. The report – which reflects our reporting obligations as a founding member of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) – details our social and environmental performance and our priorities for the future.

Throughout the report, we highlight interesting facts about our business and performance. For example, did you know that Newmont’s safety performance in 2013 was the best in the company’s history, and our injury rate was the lowest among our ICMM peers?

In-2013-Newmont-developed-a-global-water-strategy-to-guide-our-sites-on-managing-water-strategicallyIn 2013, Newmont developed a global water strategy to guide our sites on managing water strategically.

We invite you to read Beyond the Mine to learn more about this and other interesting facts about our business including:

  • Newmont invested nearly $57 million globally in 2013 to support a wide range of community and economic development initiatives.
  • The Chailhuagon reservoir in Peru’s Cajamarca region, which Yanacocha completed construction on in 2013, has a capacity of 2.6 million cubic meters and provides nearby communities and farmers a year-round source of water.
  • For our operations located near the ocean, we use seawater, rather than fresh water, for cooling and processing.
  • More than half our workforce is represented by a union, bargaining unit or workplace agreement. We work to build productive relationships with our employees and the organizations that represent them.
  • We spend an average of $25,000 per student to attend our Apprenticeship specialized training programs in Ghana. Currently, 460 graduates of the program – out of a total of 462 graduates since the program began in 2005 – are employed by Newmont.
  • In partnership with International SOS, our efforts over the past 16 years to combat malaria have resulted in the incidence rates among Indonesian school children declining from 47 percent in 1999 to 0.33 percent in 2013.
  • In 2013, Valcambi produced 20,000 ounces of Valcambi Green Gold – gold sourced only from mines that meet high environmental, safety and human rights standards – all of which was sourced from Newmont’s Nevada mines.

We encourage you to read the full report online or download the PDF. We value your feedback on the report or any other aspect of our sustainability performance and invite you to complete our online survey.


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