Newmont Hosts the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs


While mining is the core of Newmont’s business in the North American region, our presence in Nevada extends beyond the traditional mine site. Newmont also owns the TS Ranch in Dunphy, Nevada. At the ranch, Newmont plays the role of cattle and sheep rancher, hay farmer, land steward and conservationist.

The TS Ranch is home to about 5,000 head of cattle, 2,000 head of sheep and 100 horses. In addition to livestock, Newmont grows dairy-grade alfalfa hay that is nurtured by dewatering efforts in our mines along the Carlin Trend.

The TS Ranch also attracts free-range antelope that frequent our hay fields in Boulder Valley. To ensure that the herd size does not grow too large and overrun its food source, each year the Nevada Department of Wildlife issues a limited number of hunting tags, which are required to hunt big game in Nevada.


Hunting is ingrained in Nevada’s culture and the area around our operations near Elko and Battle Mountain is known for some of the best hunting in the state. For the past two years, the TS Ranch has donated the antelope tags to the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs (NOW). NOW provides unique opportunities for individuals with disabilities to experience the outdoors.

Earlier in August, three hunters confined to wheelchairs—Rick Cline, Brian Martinez and Lisa Mitchell-Reiger—were each granted a tag and participated in the hunt. The hunters stay at the TS Ranch headquarters and are assisted by our staff as they pursue trophy American pronghorn antelope. All three hunters, including Cline, the first quadriplegic hunter at the TS Ranch, harvested antelope bucks.

In addition to the time spent on TS Ranch, the participants toured Newmont mine sites and learned more about the benefits that mining operations provide in Nevada.

If you are in the United States, you can see this adventure of a lifetime, which was filmed for television by Jay Presti of Blue Collar Adventures. The TS Ranch Antelope hunt from 2011 is scheduled to air on October 2nd followed on October 9th with the 2012 show. The 2012 hunt will re-air on October 23rd. The program is available on DIRECTV channel 603 or DISH Network channel 159. As with any television show, times and dates are subject to change, based on programming.


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