Emerging Talent Program Offers Diverse Career Experience

“Develop our people in the pursuit of excellence.”

This is one of Newmont’s core Values, and you’ll see it in action across our business. In support of this Value, last year Newmont launched the Emerging Talent Program (ETP) to give new graduate hires the opportunity to rotate between different disciplines and departments to gain exposure to diverse aspects of the mining business.

The ETP aims to accelerate the technical and leadership skills of our new graduate employees. The two-year curriculum provides formal training to support the participants’ personal and professional development, as well as a mentorship program. Participants are selected from each region and typically have less than one year of work experience post-graduation.

Maureen Moore-Roth joined Newmont in 2012 after completing a summer internship in 2011. After working with the exploration group in Denver and the Copper Basin field team in Nevada, Moore-Roth, an economic geologist and certified geoscience teacher, came back in 2012 as an ETP participant and resumed her work with the Copper Basin team.

The Copper Basin team is a geologic group that works to delineate and quantify ore resources and reserves. Economic geologists, such as Moore-Roth, must understand and report on the geologic and geochemical process that occurs in the rock. The team works closely with the geology team, as well as with the Newmont mineralogy group at the Malozemoff Technical Facility in Denver. This collaboration helps Newmont better optimize mineral identification and recovery.

“During my Master’s thesis I studied the Supergene copper mineralogy present at Copper Basin. I was very excited to find that Copper Basin would be my first designated ETP rotation. This rotation has allowed me to share my thesis finding at a deeper level while building relationships with the geologists at the mine site and in the Denver labs, which is exactly what I need,” said Moore-Roth.

Globally, Newmont hires approximately 100 new graduates into the ETP each year. Participants are brought together at regular intervals throughout the year for learning and development courses including: change management, problem solving, working across cultures and business excellence. There is also a mentoring component to the program, where participants are matched with a mentor who has received formal training.

“I believe that the future of the mining industry will require geologists to be well-diversified and have an understanding of various areas of the business in order to identify and quantify economic reserves,” explains Moore-Roth. “Although some of my introductions to particular departments may be more robust than others, the overall exposure to different business rotations helps me better understand how my work fits into the bigger picture and contributes to Newmont’s success.”


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