Conga EIA Public Involvement

Community-Guided-ToursCommunity members on a guided tour.

Recently, the Government of Peru released the report by the independent panel hired to review aspects of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for Newmont’s Conga Project. The report confirmed that Conga’s EIA followed recognized international standards and “meets all the technical requirements for its approval.” The panel’s report also identified some potential improvements to the project’s development plan, which we are currently evaluating.

In addition to the extensive reviews by 12 government agencies in Peru and approval by the mines and energy ministry in 2010, Conga’s EIA also included a 3-year public-engagement process. Nearly 16,000 people from more than 30 hamlets in the La Encañada, Huasmín, Sorochuco and Celendín districts participated in one or more of the public-involvement opportunities related to development of the EIA. Details regarding the extensive public- and community-involvement process are outlined in a fact sheet.

Community-Public-HearingsCommunity members gather at one of the many public hearings.

We believe that Conga is a significant investment in Peru and would be a catalyst for economic and social development in the Cajamarca region, while also protecting water quality and providing year-round water availability for downstream users. We agree that water must be the priority, which is why production of copper and gold would not start at Conga until the reservoirs providing a year-round supply of water to downstream communities are built.

For more information about Conga’s EIA, community development, citizen participation and the overall project, please visit the South America section of our website, or click on the links below.

EIA Report

Fact Sheets

Response to Dr. Robert Moran’s Review of the EIA


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