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At Newmont, our primary business is gold. Oro. 金 . Guld. 79 perfectly arranged protons that have captivated humans for centuries. Gold has adorned the heads of kings and queens, powered economies, advanced medical science and today, appears not just in jewelry but satellites, cell phones and super computers. It is considered by many the most important metal in history.

For nearly a century, Newmont has brought that metal to people around the world. We extract, process and refine gold for global bullion banks, which then make it available for all its myriad uses. Today, Newmont’s operations span five continents, and we mine not only gold, but a significant amount of copper as well. Wherever we work, we strive to be a company where science, standards and stewardship meet.

This blog, Our Voice, invites you to explore our progress to deliver on our Vision to be the most valued and respected mining company through industry-leading performance.

We understand that to achieve our Vision we must act with integrity, trust and respect, develop our people in pursuit of excellence and demonstrate leadership in safety, stewardship of the environment and social responsibility. We also want to share with you interesting facts about the amazing process behind creating the metals that are so important to our lives.

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